New DRAFT tape: Jason E Anderson ‘Truth’

Jason E Anderson, Truth

DRAFT D021 / TAPE / Edition of 100

DRAFT is pleased to announce its first release in three years by offering Jason E Anderson‘s Truth, a 60 minute live performance released on tape. Performed and recorded live on February 11, 2017 at Jack Straw Studios in Seattle with Ian Halloran reading text from Metaphors We Live By (Lakoff/Johnson, 1980), Truth was initially conceived for Sonarchy Radio/KEXP.

The release of Truth marks Anderson’s first solo appearance for DRAFT. His prior recorded work under his given name has appeared on his own defunct label Make Jet Silent, Börft and Discriminate Music. Truth is Anderson’s most recent solo recording involving voice and synthesis, a common thread found within his work over the last 5 years. Truth was created using a computer running supercollider to send control voltages to a modular synthesizer from an audio interface, while Ian Halloran read from ‘Chapter 24: Truth’ of Metaphors We Live By into a microphone routed to a preamp and ring modulator within the synth. The work’s progression relies entirely on the interaction between semi-random patterns and Anderson’s manual shaping of sounds and cueing of patterns. The music consists entirely of modulated oscillators navigating the stereo field, punctuated by irregular fragments of text that vary in intelligibility.

JEA: supercollider, motu828, 5U/MU analog modular synthesizer, cp-251
Ian Halloran: voice
Doug Haire: recording/mastering engineer
Art/design by JEA.
Artist website:

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Truth will ship November 7th.

Mr. Entertainment: New tape by Pete Swanson

Pete Swanson - Mr. Entertainment, Oct. 2009

Last night I found a pretty ruley package on my doorstep from fellow NW underground JAMMER Pete Swanson that included a new cassette of his solo work. Blasting the tape on the way to work this morning – I felt inspired to write a little nuglet about the experience.

Mr. Entertainment opens with a super crunchy, cracking loop that lays the rough and porous volcanic foundation for Pete’s signature sound: HEAVY & BLOWN-OUT. Monstrous fields of sound roll in like thunder, while fragmented text, seemingly jumbled and masked, works towards subliminal manipulation of the listener. Melodic undertones hint at the emotive spirit buried beneath this nuclear assault of tape and electronics. Self-released in October of 2009, this tape is a fine example of Pete’s recent efforts. I noticed this tape was just made available on Mimaroglu’s site – grab it while it lasts!

Cassette Tape Elk Skeleton

Elk - Brian Dettmer

A good friend of mine forwarded me a link today about Brian Dettmer’s work.  I couldn’t wait to post it, as it seems all too appropriate.  He forms audio cassette tapes into skeletons.  The above image is an elk skeleton made of tapes!  F’ing amazing work!!  Check out his site here: or images on his Flickr.  Curious though… I wonder if there’s any good tapes in there.

Buffle’s Cavernicole C10 tape

Buffle Cavernicole Tape

Short and sweet, Buffle leads the listener into an odd, multicolored world where things happen in reverse.  This is strange music that moves like a lone opossum in search of her lunch… and maybe that lunch will consist of green-glow earthworms?  Here, the trio recreates the consciousness of a malformed creature operating on a pile of ancient mechanical devices.  Guitars, tape manipulations, miscellaneous percussion and toy-sized electronics bounce along in a quirky happy-time fantasy-world.  These semi-randomized improvisations sputter and pluck about, occasionally landing in a miniature forward moving jam – but only momentarily.  Packaged in a clear front/blue back case with a single sided cover and a crazy-cool sticker -  this is a great tape to add to your Belgian weird/positive music collection.

Italian tape label Relax Produzioni is responsible for releasing this tape by the Brussels-based band in 2008.  Find out more info about Buffle here: AND

And to get a taste of what this music sounds like – take a look at this youtube video (I think this track is on the tape):