Mirror to Mirror ‘Rerest’ on Jugular Forest

Mirror to Mirror, Rerest 2009

Mirror to Mirror, a new project from Jugular Forest’s founder Alex Twomey, melds mystery with new age ambient virtues.  Minimalist atmospheres are packed with emotive intensities so powerful, they tend to feel more like noise pieces.  Rerest is the first release of this new project, conceived in February of 2009.  It’s a departure from his work as Persimmons Pomegranate, a noise-based project where the music jumps from strange drones to ecstatic spaces  (also excellent work–check out Window).

With the press of the play button the sound begins to accumulate, forming yellow-tinged shadows that pass beneath every breath.  In the corner of the darkly lit room, a distant light reflects upon a pool of blood.  You notice that the air is stagnant, but then someone opens the door.  This transition causes the walls to disintegrate.  Emotional, uplifting, inspiring, meditative, and underneath it there is an attractive darkness. Rerest excels at activating the imagination.  I find it particularly amazing that a short tape (c20) can have such an effect; this music will transport the attentive listener.

Jugular Forest is proving itself to be an up and coming label.  This is my 4th cassette from them and everything I’ve received so far has been great.  I highly recommend picking up some of these tapes before this label is discovered.

The Stairwell is Long Gone

Steve Hauschildt, The Stairwell is Long Gone, Deception Island, Cass

Steve Hauschildt, The Stairwell is Long Gone, Deception Island, Cass (di19)

Listening to this tape reminds me of the slow days fishing with my pops as a kid… staring intently at the red and white float at the end of the fishing line as it bobs up and down on the surface of the calm forest lake.  If you were to imagine you as the bobber, half-submerged, not knowing what lies beneath you… you’re getting closer to what listening to this feels like.

This cassette is layers of thick melodies, constructed with analog synthesizers and probably some sort of looper pedal.  Steve Hauschildt has a knack for the thick sounds.  If you’ve heard any of the Emeralds stuff, you already know this and I’m preaching to the choir.  In fact, all three members of the group have released excellent solo and side project releases.  I’ve heard Mark McGuire’s solo guitar works and John Elliot’s projects: Lilypad, Hot Air Balloon Ride and Outer Space.  All of it I highly recommend.

Steve Hauschildt’s stuff tends to be fairly minimal, mostly drone-based (but not boring), it’s a bit on the heavy side, and it ususally emits positive vibes.  This release is no exception.  It’s ambient energy field music that unlocks the expansive landscapes of the mind.  Excellent stuff.  This was available from  deception-island.com (now it’s sold out).