GIFT: Home Office split

Recording 2HOK Home Office B side in The Box, 2010 Seattle WA

Little did I know what the future would hold in 2010 when my label Gift Tapes released Home Office, an audio cassette split release featuring 2 Hands On Knobs (yes, my questionable “intentionally-questionable” moniker for scrambly synth experiments) and Studio SS (Karlskrona, Sweden-based Jan Svennson experimental synth solo moniker – also head of Borft/UFO Mongo label, member of Frak and Alvars Orkester, and electronic dance solo project Villa Abo). Here we are, 10 years later, living in a world where a virus has forced many of us, fortunate enough to still be employed, to work from home. Even my stock one-line label description from back then seems as if it could describe the current situation:

on-edge claustrophobic terror state | an awkward birth of an android.

Paranoia, claustrophobia, and anxiety are obvious side effects to isolation, but the second part of that description is a bit more terrifyingly thought-provoking. Wikipedia defines android as a ‘humanoid robot or synthetic organism designed to imitate a human’. Synthetic, organism, imitation of a human… I suggest you use your imagination to think about how these words apply to our current situation.

For me, its a bit of a warning and maybe a reminder. As you peer out into the virtual world to attempt to understand the current events in the world around you, remember that we are participating in this synthetic imitation, an organism whose consciousness is primarily created and driven by money and power. It is increasingly important to become and/or remain critical, to consider who is benefiting from all this, and who are its victims. This situation of virus and quarantine is new, but there has always been continuously evolving structures that allow some to benefit at the expense of others.

And with that, Home Office… Enjoy the tape: