4TH GIFT: Father Sound micro

Father Sound, elastic underwater cave diver, GT012

As promised, our 3rd micro cassette released this past FALL, limited edition 50.  This completes the first series of micros, secretly known as the T&D Trilogy.  New Father Sound jams will be available in Gift Tapes’ WINTER batch, coming in early January.  Our new tapes will include a Father Sound/Harpoon Pole Vault SPLIT (C30), Brother Raven (C30) & Golden Retriever’s first tape (C20).  Keep posted for more info… Happy Holidays!!!

Father Sound, elastic underwater cave diver
Download: GT012 63MB ZIP file, includes 320 kbps MP3s

MICRO CASSETTES… The wave of the future.
Inexpensive.  Miniature.  Mono.  Limited Frequency Response.

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