Cliffsides ‘Singularity’ on Anathema Sound

Cliffsides, Singularity 2009

Cliffsides is one of the projects of Brooklyn-based synth jammer Ryan McGill (Bones of Seabirds).  His recently released tape called Singularity contains two melodic works for synthesizer that launch the listener into celestial orbits.  Thick, spacey passages of delayed synth washes, combined with heavy bass notes that drop like meteors, are carefully constructed to form a heavy cosmic aura.  Drones and filter sweeps combine to form a mountain of sound.  It’s the sound of a spaceship set to fly just 200 yards above the earth’s surface, zipping across the sky, tracing it’s geological formations.  Ambient arpeggiations rain down from the skies above sub-bass tones, while emotive string pads slice through the center leaving gorgeous, wistful melodies in their wake.  This is an invitation to another place and an easy passage to a new universe.

This was my first acquisition from Franklin Teagle’s Anathema Sound.  Forming only a year and a half ago, this label already has 23 releases to date.  With such great artists and original artwork (Matt Yacoub), this is a definitely a label to keep our eyes on–check them out.  Also, I should mention–keep your eyes out for a new project called Afterlife, a collaboration between Franklin Teagle and Ryan McGill.  Some of you may have checked out the Stunned Records release, a split with Ossining (Brad Rose & Kevin Danchisko of Sovetskaya Gone).  I got this in the mail last week (thanks Phil!) and both sides are excellent.