Intro to House of Sun: Charlatan, Knit Prism tapes


Knit Prism is a new project by House of Sun label head Mike Pouw.  His new tape, Amaranth, is an excellent introduction to his work and to his label.  (I should point out that what you are looking at is actually a double cassette – total props on the case!)

The beauty of Amaranth lies in it’s ability to coerce the listener to enter dream states, so much so in fact that I wonder whether this was intended as a hypnosis tape.  The unconscious is awakened by distant melodies and slowly morphing loops and drones; deep tones creep into the chest and induce the physical body into a relaxing sleep.  Synthesizers, guitar, effects and tapes, some of which seem to be recorded in space, are slowly combined and offset– as meditation.  There’s an element of musique concrete happening here, lying in the background as textures and appearing in the foreground during transitions.  Delicate and mysterious, the flow of Knit Prism’s works are not to be missed.

House of Sun: Charlatan & Knit Prism tapes

Charlatan’s Equinox tape accesses some of the melodic zones Iasos might have reached in 1975’s Inter-Dimensional Music, but the music is a bit more minimal: transcendent washes of melodic notes that flutter and hover about in the stereo field.  It’s not quite what Steve McLinn (Ojas) refers to as ‘big synth’ music, but it sounds huge and seems to lead us from vast landscapes into the star field.  These uplifting jams will open your heart and mind.  I have one other Charlatan tape that came out on Digitalis LTD a few months back, but this one is even better.  Highly recommended, but limited to 40 copies.