Prehistoric Blackout

Prehistoric Blackout - Stone Reaper

The new tape by Brooklyn-based artist Prehistoric Blackout (Taylor Richardson of Infinity Window, Purple Haze) called Stone Reaper collages synths and guitars to create cloudy, layered electronic music for mind-altering states.   This is murky, cavernous mysticism ran through a phaser pedal in a fish-bowled room.

Side A opens with a tweaky, but poppy guitar progression that’s momentarily overtaken by a white noise storm and morphs into loopy synth noodles stream of consciousness-style through stereo-panning and rhythmic muting.  The B side begins by continuing the psychedelic trip-out light vibes of the first side.  Noise-head sample warping momentarily devolves into tribal drum circles surrounded by a multinational boys choir, providing the perfect ending to ruling cassette.

This tape was recently released on Pizza Night Tapes alongside 3 other great-looking releases.  I highly recommend taking a look at Sam Goldberg’s label, as it offers an excellent selection of experimental cassettes.  Definitely pick this one up.