mi or and the pedestals

mi or and the pedestals

^^^ is a beautifully packaged CDR by mi or and the pedestals, the project of Ceci Moss.  Ceci generously sent me her solo disk back in April, and soon afterwards I had the pleasure to share a bill with her in NYC at DIY venue West Nile.  Using synthesizer, computer processing, effects pedals, and voice samples, her live performance manages to recreate similar spaces found on this CD.

The disc opens with intense waves of digital heaviness, a spatial vacuum that presses at the temples.  Hints of open spaces pierce this river of sound, until the flood of inverted gravity begins to slowly degrade into a dimly lit spectrum of falling particles.  These particles rise, taking the form of stars that become constellations.  Here the music takes a turn, becoming synth music of the cosmos,  a soundtrack to the night sky.

When the second track takes shape it becomes apparent that we have traveled: a place of foreign origins, an altered perspective.  The breadth of this new ambiance echoes through the dense, new atmosphere, as a mix of electronics and voice spin up a web of sound that reflects the natural rhythms only found in reoccurring dreams.  From here on out, the listener is free to explore the quiet dynamics of the invisible and the unlikely.

This disc is a total treat.  It comes from a very unique perspective and definitely one that is well versed in experimental and ambient musics.  Support her efforts by acquiring her works here: ceci AT amillionkeys DOT com

LINKS: http://www.myspace.com/miorandthepedestals OR http://amillionkeys.com/mi-or-and-the-pedestals