Sky Limousine Smoothly Drifting Through the Clouds

sky limousine

About the time I released the first batch of Gift Tapes, someone told me about a crazy productive guy named Josh Burke. I hadn’t heard his work before, but I had seen the name. He pops up all over the place – distros like tomentosa and the like. When I looked into it further I found out he’s the dude behind Sky Limousine & Futuresport. And further research lead me to the labels he head’s up – Clear Audio & Video, Slime City & Avocado Jungle. Descriptions of his jams really got me digging deeper – each seeming to contain ‘warm synths’ (can’t go wrong). In my experience, people this insanely productive are always doing interesting work (ie. Brad Rose of Digitalis, Lieven Martens of Taped Sounds, Chris Madak of Deception Island, or Pete Swanson of JYRK/Freedom to Spend). Many props to these dudes and the many others out there releasing important work on their labels and still finding the time to make their own rippin’ jams – these dude make things happen.

I acquired this tape titled Wonder released on Clear Audio & Video released in 2009. Josh Burke’s work is excellent. Light & quiet, thick and murky-mysterious, I found myself entering day dreams of green forests and blue skies. It’s soothing, emotive music, almost introspective… slightly contemplative. Synths create the landscape, melodies rise and fall, drones warp and skew, but the clouds are what lead us to our final destination. A certain weightlessness is inherent in his long form compositions, flush with oxygen and the smell of fresh rains. This Chicago-based new age ripper totally delivers.

You’ll find all of these release very limited, but each one I’ve heard is excellent. I have 4 tapes now and many more I’m in search of. If this one is no longer out there, grab what you can. I haven’t been able to get his Clear link to work, but if you want to learn a bit more about his discography, check the links here: Discogs: Sky Limousine, Discogs: Josh Burke, Discogs: Futuresport