New Gift Tapes :: Second Batch Out Today

Gift Tapes of Seattle, WA

I just put our second batch of tapes up for sale here:  All c20 tapes by Brother Raven, Million Mists, & Jeremiah Walker.  Summertime goodness…

Brother Raven, a sound like wailing winter winds is heard :: GT005

Brother Raven, A Sound Like Wailing Winter Winds Is Heard, GT005
Peace pipe in one hand, synthesizer in the other, Brother Raven (Jason E Anderson & Jamie Potter) descends from the heavens, exhaling thick analog fog and wispy digital vapors. A Sound Like Wailing Winter Winds Is Heard is the Seattle synth duo’s second release.  These improvised jams recorded live to tape recall the playful, positive-vibe, electronic music of the late 1970’s.

Jeremiah Walker, early to rise :: GT006

Jeremiah Walker, Early to Rise, GT006
Jeremiah Walker’s debut cassette release Early to Rise is an expansive journey through solar skies.  Lush synthesizers are wound together, forming serene  meditations that seem to draw the listener towards a heightened spiritual awareness.  These minimalist dronescapes open portals to ancient civilizations where mystics guided their followers from dark to light.

Million Mists, spaeship :: GT007

Million Mists, Spaeship, GT007
Weaving an inter-galactic tale of otherworldly explorations, Million Mists (Jamie Potter) bends the barriers of reality, unveiling new drone territories via ethereal loops and elusive melodies.  Beaming metallic light formations envelop the hovering sub bass frequencies of Spaeship, as they swirl and morph into a stunning journey through alien landscapes.